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Alberto Carrera
Liesbeth Rahder
Herve Martijn
Jan van Eden

Esther Levigne
Ger Meinema
Jorge Gay Molins
Jean Bilquin

Achnaton Nassar

Philippe Bouttens
Colette Curfs
Milous Heunks
Tomoko Kawachi
Patricia Lippert
Anton Martineau
Tejo Philips
Pol Mara
Victor Pedra

Mapi Rivera
Chiel Vluggen
Marianne Vollmer
Sadik Kwaish
Andr de Jong
Maayke Schuitema

Josef Karl   
Unni Askeland
Evelyn Jansen
Harry van der Woud





van Eden-




Jan van Eden
Streetscenes - large sizes

The artist searches in an intuitive manner for relationships between persons, by placing persons, each of them caught in their own panel, together.  By exception there is an embrace of a kissing couple, or a short and fatal attraction.




Eye contact (Triptych), 2006,  Acrylic on cotton, 180x60x5 - 180x60x5 - 180x60x5 cm,  Ref. 062202


















Glances, Acrylic on linen, 150x115 cm (left panel 40, right 75 cm), Reference: 082509


















Singles (diptych), 2008, Acrylic on linen, 150x150 cm,  Reference: 082504 & 05


















Casual encounters, 2004, Acrylic on cotton, 180x60 cm, Reference: 042207-09


















Time is money, 2005, Acrylic on linen, 150x116 cm,  Reference: 052502


















La Vie en Rose, 2004, Acrylic on cotton, 180x180x4,5 cm,  Reference: 042201-3

















Male conversation, 2004, Acrylic on cotton, 155x123 cm,  Reference: 042504


















Male conversation nr. 2, 2002, Acrylic on cotton, Three panels each 180x60 cm,  Reference: 022209-11

















The third man, 2001, Acrylic on cotton, 164x102x4,5 cm, Exhibition: Amsterdam 2003,Reference: 012511

















The established couple, 1999, Oil and acrylic on cotton, 150x116 cm (three panels), Reference: 992501















Streetscenes, small formats

Urban people

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