Art Singel 100  
Amsterdam Contemporary Art Gallery / Galerie voor hedendaagse kunst


Single Figures on paper

Early on in the Sixties I found a suitable technique and style to freely express my youthfull emotions. A world full of sex, violence, and also political engagement. Oilpaint on paper in standard format 100x75 cm had the advantages of low cost and easy storage. The technique bypasses a number of academic rules for stability of the artwork, but it was wonderfully direct medium for early experiments. I made lots of them and threw most of them in the waste bucket, of the ones saved, some are exciting (if only by chance).


674001.tif (2193834 bytes)Sex specimen 644001c.bmp (969222 bytes)Wild women 694005.bmp (979934 bytes)Men at desks
664012.bmp (940634 bytes)Authorities

714018.tif (1171428 bytes)Clergy 674009c.bmp (882582 bytes)Children