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Jan van Eden - large size paintings

"Paradise series"
Artemis the goddess of the hunt reigns over a supreme jungle in which tigers, snakes and birds are unaware of their own splendid existence. Human abstraction is here projected over the reality of nature. References to the lost paradise run parallel to the problematics of the environment with the cutting of the rainforest and the disappearance of the habitat of  large cats and other animal species. But foremost the artist confronts with this theme his personal nostalgia for the nature of Africa and Brasil where he resided so many years.


972507.tif (1080488 bytes)Man and woman as a part of nature, nr. 2, 1997
Oil and acrylic on linen, painted wooden frame
164x104 cm (frame)
Reference: 972507













Zondeval nr. 1, 1997, Oil and acrylic on linen, 162x70 cm, Reference: 972502













Artemis and the huntress


992504.tif (1185708 bytes)







Artemis nr. 2, 1999
Oil and acrylic on linen, 54x150 cm (frame 74x170 cm)
Reference: 992504




Artemis between orange and blue, 1999
Oil and acrylic on cotton, 116x150 cm (four panels)
Reference: 992524











Ephesian artemis, 2000, Acrylic on linen, 116x150 cm (lijst 136x170 cm),  Reference: 002606












002514.jpg (21350 bytes)Tigers




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