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Art Singel 100 is 33 years active and part of the art scene of Amsterdam
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Jan van Eden

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Jan van Eden

Jan van Eden (Voorburg, 1942) is self-taught as an artist and from the early sixties to the present day he created an extensive oeuvre of drawings and paintings. After exhibiting his early work in gallery The Sphinx of Amsterdam in 1971 there were no  representative shows of his work until the end of the 80-ties. He was living and working as an consultant base metal exploration geologist in  countries like Zambia (1969), South Africa (1971), Angola (1973), Namibia, Brasil (1976), USA, Netherlands (1981), United Kingdom , Saudi Arabia(1982) before settling definitively in Amsterdam in 1985, where he has dedicated himself exclusively to his work as an artist. He spends regularly months on end in his Spanish village Sabayes where he has established a foundation to harbour his oeuvre and the works of other artists that are part of his collection.

Several distinctive periods can be distinguished in his artistic career, which broadly coincide with decades. His early work of the Sixties in an expressionistic manner is characterized by rather caricatured drawings of single figures in oil paint on paper, all with an undertone of rebellion and social protest. Exploring similar themes in the Seventies he placed his figures in a structured interior space, thereby enhancing the meaning and content of his paintings. In the Eighties he took on more complex themes, such as the triptychs on the arrogance of power. In the Nineties he explored two opposing themes, “Metropolis”, i.e., our dynamic civilization, and “Lost Paradise”, referring to environmental problems and the disappearance of the large animal species. At the end of the millennium there was a change in his stylistic development, with a more realistic figuration. In the first decade of the new millenium we note an emphasis in the subject matter on world political issues such as the Palestinian drama. There is a travelling exhibition of scenes from the Palestinian ALNakba based on photographs of the year1948. The second decade he frequently shifts his attention to the world of the cinema painted in a realistic style but with a surrealist content.


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