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Jan van Eden
Singel 100
1015AD  Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6257764
M: +31 (0) 619685868



Canal Suite Room
The suite is located on a mezzanine that is entirely to your disposal, with access via a small stairs. The entrance and your private seating area is separated from the bedroom by a door that you can locked.

The Bedroom is orientated towards the back of the house and  it looks out onto an interior patio.  From the seating area, which is orientated towards the front of the house,you look out over  part of the gallery with a view onto the Singel canal.

Canal Suite


Patio View Room
This room is smaller in size and is located in the back of the house.  You only have windows onto an interior patio. It has a  private bathroom with bidet and shower.
More images Patio View Room

Patio View room

Both rooms have a large double or two separated beds, and a wardrobe. Private bathroom with shower suite.


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Canal Suite bedroom


Canal Suite bedroom


Canal Suite


Patio View Room