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Jan van Eden

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   André de Jong


 Museum Belvédére  Heerenveen - Oranjewoud 

 Tentoonstelling : André de Jong - Getekend

  t/m 9 mei 2010


 André de Jong (born 1945) received his training as a painter at the Jan van Eijck academie in Maastricht, today he works at a remote location in the Dutch lakedistrict Friesland. After leaving academy in the seventies he made low relief abstract work in a variety of materials, whereby the texture or skin of the paint is of foremost importance. Starting point for his rudimentary figuration is the torso, the human head, a bird or a landscape, however far the abstraction in his work you intuitively sense nature. Much of his work is monochrome and often variations in grey and black. He has travelled for longer periods to Iceland which has confirmed and strenghthed his feeling for purity in form.


View of the exhibition at Art Singel 100, September 2007 [jo07ex01]
















  September 2007 [jo07ex07]


















   André de Jong, 2007, zwartwitfoto / barietpapier 24x24 cm, ingelijst 40x50 cm, Ref. jo07f05

















André de Jong, 2007, zwartwitfoto / barietpapier 29x29 cm, ingelijst 50x65 cm, Ref. jo07f03 & 04

























    André de Jong, 2007, Pigment/olieverf op katoen 40x40 cm, Ref jo0709





André de Jong, 2007, Gemengde techniek op papier, 122x85 cm, ingelijst 132x95 cm, Ref. jo0721

















André de Jong, 2006, Houtskool, siberisch krijt op papier, 32 x 24 cm, ingelijst 60x50 cm, Ref. jo0701

















André de Jong, 2007, Houtskool, siberisch krijt op papier, 32 x 48 cm, ingelijst 65x50 cm, Ref. jo0717 & jo0718

















André de Jong, 2007, Gemengde techniek op papier, 25x35 cm, ingelijst 50x60 cm, Ref. jo0719













Work of previous periods

Previous periods photographic work by de Jong