Art Singel 100  
Amsterdam Contemporary Art Gallery / Galerie voor hedendaagse kunst

Art Singel 100 is 34 years active and part of the art scene of Amsterdam
The gallery is located at 8 minutes walk from the Central Station





Gallery Program




Alberto Carrera
Liesbeth Rahder
Herve Martijn
Judith Heinsohn
Jan van Eden

Esther Levigne
Ger Meinema
Jorge Gay Molins
Jean Bilquin

Achnaton Nassar

Philippe Bouttens
Colette Curfs
Milous Heunks
Tomoko Kawachi
Patricia Lippert
Anton Martineau
Tejo Philips
Pol Mara
Victor Pedra

Mapi Rivera
Chiel Vluggen
Marianne Vollmer
Sadik Kwaish

Andr de Jong
Maayke Schuitema

Josef Karl   
Unni Askeland
Evelyn Jansen
Harry van der Woud
Diego Pombo
Raymond Boekelder
Manolo Belzunce
Andreas Helfeld



B&B Singel 100


Jan van Eden

Fundacion vanES






Route Central Station - Galerie Art Singel 100












Management:  Jan van Eden

Singel 100, 1015 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel.  +31 (020) 6257764

Opening hours of the gallery (during exhibitions):
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 14:00 - 17:00 hours, and on e-mail appointment

E-mail address:
Web address:         HTTP://




Vanaf het Centraal Station Amsterdam is de galerie lopend te bereiken in 8 minuten, of met tram 1and 2 (uitstappen bij 1ste halte).

How to get there by car

Como llegar en coche

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INFO for exhibiting artists:     Gallery space with measurements