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Jan van Eden

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9th October through 30th October 2010


Female IDs,  a project of the artist/photographer

Josef Karl  In collaboration with Nobuyoshi Araki  



Josef Karl (Munich, Deutschland, 1974). In his series Female IDs the photographer, designer and artist Josef Karl stages wishes and misteries of human existence in the form of contrary identities. States of the same women overlap in the direct confrontation of identity-forming scenes, which either meet aesthetic conventions or break them. And what is more, the visual impact is based on the actually impossible - the concurrence of these states. This doesn't imply categories such as glamour, fashion, fetish or nude, but rather the scope of life itself as a visual dimension. Life of an individual is always the condensate of the possible whereas identity is always subject to an outer authority - a state, a contemplator - and is always alterable, for example in the form of a passport, appearance or even particular existence. Female IDs join together these complex aspects of human identity and consistently blend these ideas in unique works - artificial existences - on the level of art and take us for a journey to the most different possibilities of life... (Essay by Dr. Mario Klinger).




Exhibition at Art Singel 100 - Oktober 2010









bookcover Female IDs [kr1000]




Pet of Family, 2009,  Photograph/assemblage/mixed media.
 72 x 103 cm. Unique   Ref. kr0901




Down Feather, 2009,  Photograph/assemblage/mixed media.
 63 x 31 cm.  Unique  Ref. kr1001




Sushi Eyecatcher, 2009  Photography/assemblage/mixed media.
 62 x 54 cm.  Unique  Ref. kr1016

Arctic Beauty, 2009

Photography/assemblage/mixed media.

 79 x 120 cm.  Unique  Ref. kr 0902




Classical Beauty, 2009,  Photography/assemblage/mixed media.

 85 x 70 cm.  Unique  Ref. kr 0903




Cyber World, 2009,  Photography/assemblage/mixed media.

 78 x 95 cm.  Unique  Ref. kr 0904




Undressed, 2009,  Photography/assemblage/mixed media.

 90 x 70 cm.  Unique  Ref. kr 0909




Leni, Vidi, Vici, 2009,

 Photography/assemblage/mixed media.

80 x 90 cm.  Unique  Ref. kr0906




Element Earth,  2009

 Photography/assemblage/mixed media.

70 x 90 cm.  Unique  Ref. kr0905




light2sky, 2010  Collaboration with Nobuyoshi Araki  
assemblage/mixed media.
 65 x 25 cm. Ref. kr1009
skyPhone, 2010  Collaboration with Nobuyoshi Araki  
assemblage/mixed media.
 35 x 50 cm. Ref. kr1015


When a child dies, the nightmare of all parents, which has never been thought to an end, becomes reality.

The small Christopher Karl could turn as few as 14 monthes, because the nanny who had been recommended to his parents by the Munich office for youth welfare, herself mother of two children, shook him so severely that the boy died of the consequences of the shaken impact syndrome. Christopher was the sense of his parents' Natalie and Josef lives and their only sunshine. Other peoople talk or write about the feelings which forge out of their soul. Josef Karl catches  the issues which are on his mind with his camera. The photographer takes photos, the writer writes, the composer composes, the painter paints: from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Joseph von Eichendorff over Gustav Mahler and Joseph Haydn to Thomas Mann and Käthe Kollwitz - all of them allowed room for the death of their children with the help of their art. This way indeed makes it possible to deal with one's grief, that is to say to involve it in one's work - to articulate it in art. (Abstract from prolog by Doris Witzany)




1974 born in Vohenstrauss (München, Germany) 
1984 as early as at the age of 10 years my own studio in my parents’ house (first oil paintings) 
1986 first camera and intense engagement in photography in a home photo lab 
1992 first step as an art collector with an artwork by Joseph Beuys 
1996/1997 Institute of Art & Design (training with various designers und artists in Bavaria, Germany) 
1997 member of The Typographic Community Munich 
1997-2001 MA in design at the University of Applied Science, Munich
since 1999 Junior Art Director at the publishing house Hanra
2001 first art photo book "Slums of Calcutta"(charity project) 
2007/2008 second art photo book "ABCnervosa"(charity project) 
2008 death of my one-year-old son Christopher, who was shaken to death by his nanny (enormous outrage in German mass media) 
since 2009 freelance photographer for shows&artists (jobs for Porsche, E.ON, Allianz Arena, DFB, Unicef, Ferrero, VIPs ...) 
2010 third art photo book "Female IDs – photography as a therapy" 
from 2010 on exhibitions of unique photo artworks (IDs as my own artist ID) in galleries and museums worldwide