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Jan van Eden

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Víctor Pedra


exhibition of paintings and sculptures 2d march - 1st april 2013

In collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in the Netherlands and Sala Dalmau (Barcelona)








Víctor Pedra (Barcelona, 1955) studied at the Facultad de Bellas Artes de Barcelona from 1975 to 1980, where he also did courses on graphic arts and ceramics.  The artist asserts himself as a painter of the visible reality, without leaving his dreamlike visions of a world of ideas that is as a circus in which he advances with the creation of three-dimensional spaces, making use of sheet iron painted on both sides. The city with its traffic lights, houses and factories is not only the stage for the archetypical man and woman, but the artists opening up of a creative environment. The ironic humour of Víctor Pedra, is a defensive weapon for shielding his privacy, that leads him to express himself by means of grotesque drawings, which and despite of being vaguely picasso-esque, have become the hallmark of Pedra’s artistic originality. He starts by giving his view on the people, but than he creates an environment with sufficient identity to allow the work to grow. For us it is not enough just to be an spectator, you have to be aware and become involved in the great game of our society to be able to explain it better. Víctor Pedra observes, interprets and gives his view of what our society is, like a circus….

 [Freely translated after a publication in El  Periódico]



Exhibition at Art Singel 100 - March 2013  [pe13ex01]

Exhibition at Art Singel 100 - March 2013  [pe13ex02]




Exhibition at Art Singel 100 - March 2013  [pe13ex13]




Víctor Pedra, Niña durmiendo con un pájaro, 2010, Hierro policromado,  (pieza única) 47 x 58 cm,  Ref. pe10b02




Funámbulo de la bicicleta, 2010, Hierro policromado,  (pieza única) 76 x 58 x 12 cm,

 Ref. pe10b01




Circo sobre un tigre, 2000, Óleo sobre tela,  33 x 55 cn,  Ref. pe0001




El sueño del arlequín, 2009, Óleo sobre tela,  73 x 92 cm,  Ref. pe0901




Caballo Mágico, 2011, Óleo sobre tela,  54 x 65 cm,  Ref. pe1102




La ofrenda del pez, 2011, Óleo sobre tela, 73 x 60 cm,  Ref. pe1101




El jarrón de flores, 1994, Óleo sobre tela,  46 x 38 cm,  Ref. pe9401

Mujer y barco, 1996, Óleo sobre tela,  55 x 46 cm,  Ref. pe9601




Mujeres-Globo,1997, Óleo sobre tela,  46 x 55 cm,  Ref. pe9701