Art Singel 100  
Amsterdam Contemporary Art Gallery / Galerie voor hedendaagse kunst

Art Singel 100 is 34 years active and part of the art scene of Amsterdam
The gallery is located at 8 minutes walk from the Central Station




Gallery Program




Alberto Carrera
Liesbeth Rahder
Herve Martijn
Judith Heinsohn
Jan van Eden

Esther Levigne
Hugo Keizer
Ger Meinema
Jorge Gay Molins
Jean Bilquin

Achnaton Nassar

Philippe Bouttens
Colette Curfs
Milous Heunks
Tomoko Kawachi
Patricia Lippert
Anton Martineau
Tejo Philips
Pol Mara
Victor Pedra

Mapi Rivera
Chiel Vluggen
Marianne Vollmer
Sadik Kwaish

André de Jong
Maayke Schuitema

Josef Karl   
Unni Askeland
Evelyn Jansen
Harry van der Woud
Diego Pombo
Raymond Boekelder
Manolo Belzunce
Andreas Helfeld



B&B Singel 100


Jan van Eden

Fundacion vanES





Jan van Eden



2000 - recent


Black Lives, 2021, 180x180 cm  (2 panels),
oil and softpastel on cotton
Ref. 212201-02



Shopping - the inspector, 2009
Digital photocollage, 6 colour print on HP Premium Plus Satin photopaper,
59x79,2 cm, alu frame 80x110 cm
Reference: 097004







She (La signora di tutti), 2014
Oil and pastel crayon on cotton, 120x180x5 cm
Note: In honour of Max Ophüls [1934]

Reference: 142201





, 2008 Acrylic on linen, 150x115 cm (left panel 40, right 75 cm), Reference: 082509





On their way (Dyptich), 2005,   Acrylic on cotton, 40x 60x5 & 40x60x5 cm, Ref. 053401-02




Pasarela - red dress, 2006, acrylic on cotton, 180x60x5 cm, Reference: 062207



Fashion models




Summer at CS, 2007, Oil and acrylic on cotton, two panels each 180x60x5 cm,  Reference: 072207 - 08


Railwaystation - Travel




Crime passionel, 2007, Oil on cotton26x38x5 cm, Reference: 073422



172202 Hiroshima mon amour, the mushroom cloud 2017,
Oil on cotton
,240x180 cm

Nuclear threat



De baadster  van Rembrandt in the jungle van Henri Rousseau, 2017,

Pastel crayon on linen, 120x180 cm,

reference: 172204

Homage in the Arts



     Scenes of violence


     The lost paradise

Intimate scenes & nudes

Restaurant & bar scenes

Heads and Portraits




Adoration of the Venus de Milo, 2005, Acrylic and oil on cotton, 30x20x5 cm,  Reference: 053618

      Winged victory of Samothrace nr. 2, 2005, Acrylic and oil on cotton, 30x20x5 cm,  Reference: 053617





Meisje met strik, anno 1914, 2006, Acrylic on linen, 50x20x4 cm,   Ref. 063602




Work of 1985  onwards


Oeuvre 1960 onwards


development oeuvre