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Art Singel 100 is 33 years active and part of the art scene of Amsterdam
The gallery is located at 8 minutes walk from the Central Station





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Alberto Carrera
Liesbeth Rahder
Herve Martijn
Judith Heinsohn
Jan van Eden

Esther Levigne
Ger Meinema
Jorge Gay Molins
Jean Bilquin

Achnaton Nassar

Philippe Bouttens
Colette Curfs
Milous Heunks
Tomoko Kawachi
Patricia Lippert
Anton Martineau
Tejo Philips
Pol Mara
Victor Pedra

Mapi Rivera
Chiel Vluggen
Marianne Vollmer
Sadik Kwaish

Andr de Jong
Maayke Schuitema

Josef Karl   
Unni Askeland
Evelyn Jansen
Harry van der Woud
Diego Pombo
Raymond Boekelder



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Jan van Eden

Sabayes - Spain

van Eden-





Judith Heinsohn

Judith Heinsohn (Hamburg, 1967) moved from Germany to Amsterdam in 1987 and studied scuplture at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy from 1988 to 1994. She was a guest teacher at the Rietveld Academy in 1995 and 2013. Since 1993 she exhibited regularly in the Netherlands with renowned institutions and took part in a variety of international projects.

She has worked on a large scale with industrial ceramics and all of here work has a monumental appearance. Her work shows a wide variety of ceramic methods that come forth from an unwavering need for experiment.

Her figuration shows battered human figures, but there is always a deeply felt human identity behind the apparent rough skin. Some of her work is not far removed from the German neo-expressionists like Markus Lupertz, but the refined quality of Heinsohn's work easily competes with it.


17th February - 11th March 2018
prolonged to 8th April 2018
"face each other"
Exhibition at Art Singel 100 - February/March 2018

hs18ex 01

Exhibition at Art Singel 100 - February/March 2018

hs18ex 13

Exhibition at Art Singel 100 - February/April 2018

"Dag en nacht",        hs18ex17


Judith Heinsohn, 2017, Dag en nacht, Ceramic, 25x25x37 cm, Ref. hs17b09

















Judith Heinsohn, 2017, In the bush of ghosts, Ceramic, 15x20x32 cm, Ref. hs17b01


















Judith Heinsohn, 2017, Amazone, Ceramic, 14x17x34 cm, Ref. hs17b02

















Exhibition at Art Singel 100 - February/April 2018

















Judith Heinsohn, 2017, Vrouw van JW, Ceramic, 24x15x25cm, Ref. hs17b08

















Exhibition at Art Singel 100 - February/April 2018

"Huisvrouw",   hs18ex23
















Judith Heinsohn, 2017, Long tall Sally, work on paper, collage,  125x80 cm, Ref. hs1704
















Judith Heinsohn, 2017, Begging, work on paper collage, pencil, pigment , 65x50 cm, Ref. hs1702
















Judith Heinsohn, 2017, Waiting, work on paper, collage, ink and pigmrent,  100x70 cm, Ref. hs1705
















Judith Heinsohn, Zittende man van achter, Ink and pigment on paper, 50x65 cm, (inlijsting 73x93), Ref. hs1713















More info on her personal website